Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2 Weeks!!!

So many emotions are running through me at this moment. My trip is in two weeks and there is so much to do. So much to think and pray about! I am surprised at my emotions and thoughts concerning this trip. I thought that I would be ecstatic and chomping at the bit to get out of NY and go to PNG. But as my trip gets closer and closer, I'm getting more and more nervous and aprrehensive. I want to go; there's no doubt in my mind that this is where the Lord wants me this summer. But things are going on at home that I don't want to miss either. My sister and 4 really good friends are all working at a christian camp this summer together. I feel that I won't fit in when I get back. That they'll have such incredible memories that they can share and remind each other of and I won't. I mean, I know I'm gonna make amazing memories but I won't be able to share them with others. I will, but not like they'll have experienced it. The devil is trying to get me down with these thoughts and it's not good. Please pray for me that I will not be depressed and worried about this trip but that I will be used by the Lord for incredible things.
Mom and I went shopping for my trip yesterday and bought almost everything I need. It's really exciting!! The guy I'm flying to LA with has never flown either so it should be interesting to see how we manage the airport together =)The countdown's getting closer!!! So exciting. Thanks for praying for me.


Scott Paris said...

You can do it! There are lots of people praying for you(me included). Even if you don't get to hang with your friends or make memories with them. You'll make lots of new friends(you're really good at that) and you'll have tons of memories with them. God's got a plan!

Shutterfli said...

Hello!! I saw that you were going to be going on a mission's trip on your sister's blog - 110% surrendured. I'll be praying for you! Hope you have a great time!! God bless!

Extreme Teen said...


and we WILL have memories to share together cuz youre going to tell me EVERYTHING as soon as you get back. ok? :D