Thursday, October 15, 2009

PNG Pictures Part 4

I had the amazing opportunity to visit my friends, the Van Der Deckers on West Britain Island. I have written about this family before. They played a major part in my decision to go to PNG and have helped me immensely in my journey to go to PNG. I got to fly in a 9 passenger plane that was very fun. I spent 3 amazing days in Lavalus with the Van Der Deckers and the national believers there. We got to worship with the believers. I didn't understand a word once they switched from Pidgin to their tribal language. The service was maybe 2 hours and then we had a popcorn party and a christian singsing. On Monday we visited several literacy schools and the team went river tubing. The visit went way to fast but I'm so blessed and will treasure the memories forever.

PNG Pictures Part 3

Here's my language helper, Uriso. This is her baby James. The girls are making a bilum which is a purse.

PNG Pictures Part 2

Here are some pictures of the mumu we had with some nationals. We ate lamb, greens and sweet potato. It was cooked in a pit in the ground that had dirt piled on top of it. I also let a banana spider crawl all over me. It was a fun day and was topped off with a huge rain storm.

PNG Pictures Part 1

Here are some pictures of my time in PNG. It was an amazing time for sure. I miss it immensely but know that I'm where God has me for now.