Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Today is my physical Birthday!

Today I am 17 years old! Where does time go? Before I know it, I'll be 18, then 25, then 40.... I guess the Lord is teaching me to live like I'm dying...
I got this book for my birthday called "I would die for You". It's about this 15 year old boy, BJ Higgins who went to Peru on a short term missions trip, got a rare disease, and died 6 weeks after he got home. I couldn't help but wonder why God chose to take him home? Then I got to thinking if I'm willing to die for my Savior. If I got a strange disease, or was captured by terrorrists, or any number of things, would I fight it? Do I consider my life so precious that I'd consider it more important to live, if God wants me Home? It's just gotten me to think about my calling to be a missionary and what people would remember about me if I did die? Would they remember my passion about Jesus? This book is very thought provoking and I recommend it to people who want to be missionaries!