Saturday, May 23, 2009

Weekend Happenings

This weekend has been so full of events both good and sad. On Thurday, Danny and I went with some friends go karting and stayed out 'til pretty late talking and laughing in the parking lot of the go karting place. Pretty fun! Then Friday, our we went to Night at the Museum 2 with the Ralstons and said goodbye for at least 2 years to the Ralstons. It was a bummer but I'm so happy for them. Please pray that their transition to Congo will be a smooth one. We got home around 2 PM and 2 friends were waiting for us. They spent the night and Cesar came over for dinner. He's going back to MExico for good in December. I'll miss him alot. Please pray for his salvation so he can take the Gospel back to Morelos. The stars were incredibly bright last night by the way! Then we went to the park today and took my graduation pictures. Scary, huh! We got to witness to some young teens at the park. It was really cool. We didn't really share the Gospel with them alot. We gave them some tracts and started building relationships with them. Please pray that the seeds that were planted today will blossom and bloom into full fledged relationships with the Lord Jesus Christ. Our God is amazing!


Scott Paris said...

Very cool stuff!