Saturday, May 9, 2009

An Interesting Weekend

This weekend has been very interesting for my family and friends. My 3 siblings and 4 friends were coming to my house yesterday and on the way had a 5 hour detour to the ER. They got in a car accident but aside from some bumps, bruises, and scratches, they're all fine. Praise the Lord!!! I wasn't in the car because I had to work but I still got to go to the ER and administer my comforting skills to everyone. God is so gracious to us! 2 weeks ago, 2 teens from my town were killed in a car accident. But my siblings and friends were spared. God would be good even if one or more people had gotten seriously injured or killed. But He protected my family! Jenny and Cody got to use their accident as a witnessing tool last night at Cafe Shiloh. I also got to talk to Jose for about 45 minutes about his life before Mexico, what he wants for his sons, and alot of other things. Really cool!!
So I'm just thankful that my family and extended family (the Lutzes) are ok. Again, PRAISE THE LORD!!!!


Extreme Teen said...

YAY for your comforting skillz! :D you helped a lot