Monday, August 11, 2008

Almost Made My Decision!

Ok, after much deliberation and prayer, I've almost come to a decision. I'm really leaning towards Interface. Just because I would be able to do intensive language study and learn alot about tribal missions from the classroom and from hands on experience. It's also 2 or 3 weeks longer for just a little bit more than TETM. Maybe I will go with TETM sometime later. But right now, I think the Lord is leading me to Interface. Some missionary friends of mine just gave me some great advice: They told me to use the "Red Light, Green Light" method. "Lord, as long as You give me a green light, I'll head in this direction. If You make it yellow, I'll slow down. If You give me red, I'll know You have something else for me." I think that's kind of what I've been doing all along. For ever so long, I've been praying, "Lord, is it Your will for me to go to PNG with TETM in 2009?" God does answer our prayers!

Here are some prayer requests:

*I'm sending out my application to New Tribes today. Please pray that God will continue to guide and direct me as to which direction to take.

* This Interface trip is a bit more expensive than TETM's trip. While I am only about $1, 500 short, I'm not worried because God has been amazing about providing me with money for 2 years. But, I'm human and I get worried. Please pray that I will totally trust in the Lord for all my needs.

*Please pray that I won't lose my focus on Jesus.

Thanks for everyone who prays for me. God bless!


HIS daughter said...

Abby...Praying for you little sis :) I love you so much :) THanks for the comment! Beesh says Hi and I will definately not forget to bring my new clothes home :p