Thursday, July 31, 2008

Out of my Comfort Zone!

Recently, my siblings and I went camping. Not with tents or sleeping bags; real camping. We had one blanket a piece, a sweatshirt to stay warm, and our duffel bags for pillows. As you can tell from the pictures, I am SO not a camping type of girl! The top picture is of our camp. I will admit, it was a pretty good shelter. The next picture is of me and Jen putting up the bathroom. It turned out really nice. The next picture is of us four kids posing by a log we all helped chop in half. We didn't actually use it for firewood, we just wanted to chop it up to say we did. And, the last picture just proves my point that I am not a camping girl. It was taken at around 5:30AM so give me the benefit of the doubt! (Did I mention I'm not a morning person either?) We all had a good time and the trip made me see that I can survive less than desirable conditions. Not that I like it. PNG will be a much bigger challenge than this trip, so I would like you to be praying that I will be able to get in shape before the trip, and not gripe about the conditions. Thanks!


syddcase said...

Not a morning person! What about not an afternoon, evening and night person!!!
Just kidding.
Love you tru,