Friday, September 11, 2009

Facing my Greatest Fear!!!

So you all know that I am terrified of snakes, right? Well, I had 3 fears in going to PNG, my biggest being snakes. I was so scared that God would trap me somewhere where I wouldn't be able to run and He'd put a snake in with me and I'd be forced to get over my fear. Well, thankfully He didn't. Actually, I didn't see any snakes while I was Interface. But, toward the end of our trip, the team broke up into 3 smaller teams and went to different tribes in PNG. God worked it out so that I could visit the Van Der Deckers in Lavalus which is just a God thing because there'd have been no other way to see them unless He worked it out. So we got to Lavalus and I stayed with Nellie, an MK who's parents were in Hoskins for a few days. After I found out where I was sleeping she was like, "Oh, I hope you don't mind but I have a little pet..." Yes, it was a green tree python. So I had to sleep with that.... thing for 3 nights. On our last night at Lavalus, I was joking with the Van Der Deckers that I might hold the snake in the morning, not really believing I would. But I was thinking about it and I was like, why not? So I did and I'm still terrified of snakes but not as bad as I once was, Praise the Lord!


Pastor Mike Paris said...

I am so not willing to deal with my fear like that. I am excited about your trip reports that I have heard filtered through others. I am excited for your growth in the area of missions and especially for your love of amigos/amigas. May God use you today to bring people closer to the Savior! Love, Pastor Mike