Wednesday, October 22, 2008

3 Praises!

so I have 3 really cool praises: First of all, it's snowing in NY right now! I know that is a different sort of praise, but I love this time of year. At work, the Christmas candy is starting to come in and looks so beautiful!
THe second praise is that one of my very dear friends is pregnant! She got married in July and is due in late April! I am so excited for her as you can probably tell:)
The third praise is that my official liscense came in the mail today! Now, I'm really in business! God is so good!
In my last post I was confused and sort of depressed. Now, I'm encouraged in Him! I have been exploring college options and came across a program at a Bible college near my home, Elim Bible Institute. They offer an International missions program with an emphasis on medical missions. During the 2 year program, you get your EMT certification, learn basic skills such as suturing,starting ivs,taking blood, helping with childbirth, disease prevention, and giving physical exams. You also take missions courses, study the Bible, and, one class I'm excited about, teaching English as a second language. An 8 week internship at a hospital in a developing country tops off the program. It sounds like an amazing program but I'm still praying about it and will most likely change my mind a couple times before I reach a decision!
I appreciate you all so much. God bless you all tru!


a_weak_rose said...

Very cool about pregnancy and driver's license. Now snow. . . not so sure about that one. LOL!
So glad Daddy-God gave you some "roses" to lift your heart up!
Love you!