Monday, September 22, 2008

He Cares for me!

Why do I feel discouraged sometimes! God know my every need and takes care of it in His time. Yesterday was Sunday. I was not feeling discouraged at all but God still chose to bless me in an amazingly awesome way! An individual handed me an envelope with my name on it before Sunday School opening. I didn't have a chance to open it then. After church, another individual pressed a wad of bills in my hand and told me this was their tithe! I didn't see how much that amount was either. So, about 5 hours later, I got to open up the envelope and look at the bills. The amount of money totaled $550! Is God amazing or what? I think my total support is up about $4,300, and I still have almost a year until the trip! Mi God i gutpela tru! Two different people this past week have asked me if I will stay on in PNG after Interface for a 2 week medical internship. I'm still undecided at this point. Yesterday encouraged me so much, though. God is great!
Please pray:

*That God will show me whether to stay on for Internship or go home

* That I will not doubt God's ability to provide my every need

* That, when I get discouraged, I will remember all that God has done for me

Thanks so much for taking an interest in my quest to PNG. I really appreciate it!


HIS daughter said...

GOD IS SO GOOD GIRL :) I Am soooo happy for you! Love ya :)

Kelly Bryant said...

Hey Abby! I'm not God, but I say go for the Medical Internship!

Stacey said...

My husband and I have been following your blog recently, from Scotland. We want you to know we're keeping you in our prayers, and are so moved to see such a godly young woman out there, doing her best to follow God's will. Keep the faith! God has great things in store for you. :-) Stacey