Monday, May 12, 2008

Well, this is me and my best friend Gretchen. I suppose I should tell a little bit about myself and the main purpose for this blog. When I was little,like 5 or 6, I wanted to be a ballerina. When I found out I would never be able to do that, I turned my career interest towards being a missionary nurse. Ever since then, whenever I'd hear about other countries, my ears always perked up. In October 2002, a missionary family came to my church from Papua New Guinea. They have 4 boys whom I got to know really well. They told me to come to PNG and they would translate for me and we'd have a really good time. I was only 10 at the time so I thought that sounded like alot of fun. About a month after they left, on November 7, I got saved. Since then, I started focusing mainly on getting to PNG. People teased me that it was just for those boys, but it wasn't and God knew that. In 2005, I asked a couple from my church to get in contact with this family about getting me language materials for the trade language in PNG, tok pisin. THey were very happy to send me a little travel dictionary and over the next 2 years sent me a bigger dictionary, a newspaper and pidgin, and various language materials. I also got a Pidgin Bible which is one of the best presents I've ever received up to this point. In 2006, the missionary family came to our house again. God "called" our family to the missionfield. We thought we were going to PNG or Mexico, but God's ways are not are ways:) We started teaching some Mexicans down the road english via the Gospel. So that is our "mission field" for the time being. Anyway, a couple from my church started supporting me a little bit of money each month for what I call a "PNG Fund". I am now up to a little over $3,000 in support. I'm looking to go on a trip to PNG in 2009 with To Every Tribe Ministries. I've been seeking the Lord's will for a long time concerning this trip. If He wills, I will be going. So many people have supported me by giving money and by praying for me. I have such a wonderful church family. Please continue to pray for me. I will try to keep this updated!



HIS daughter said...

Hello my darling girl,
This is a great start to your png blog. Who named this a blog? I would have called these things a much more interesting name than BLOG. Some people have no imagination! I wish you'd have started one a long time ago.
I am so looking forward to going to Co. w/ you to visit the other psychos. By other I am including us as psychos. I'm praying that we'll be able to get a room for the 18 hour legs of the trip. Well, gotta go.
I love you more than you love Gretchen. And that is a LOT!